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Sounds sensible to me …
clipped from www.npr.org

Taxpayers should get a receipt so they know what they’re paying for, a think tank called Third Way argues in a new paper.

Here’s a sample from the group. It includes federal income tax and FICA, which funds Medicare and Social Security. Details are here.

Taxpayer Receipt
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3 thoughts on “on sense …

    1. Yeah, I can see that. I figure, though, that the bigger problem is that a pretty good sized percentage of Americans have now become SO EXTREMELY anti-tax oriented that they now believe that they get absolutely NOTHING for their taxes. Road repairs, and fire trucks, and who knows what else are, apparently in some Americans’ minds, gifts from the Tooth Fairy or something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NO FAN of taxes (I seem to pay a whole FRIGGIN’ lot in taxes) but, clearly, I benefit from a stable government and the rule of law and our system of government. I’m better off than many so I should pay a bit more than they pay. Folk who make more than I can afford to pay a bit more too. Nobody in American is “self-made.” I don’t want to cut programs to the bone and leave huge swaths of American’s that are less well off than I behind and neither do I want to leave the bill to my young nieces and nephew so, I figure, I should ante up my fair share even if it means eating out a little less and driving my car for a few more years. Wow, that reply turned into a whole post … How did that happen? LOL …

  1. Now THIS is a GREAT idea!! By and large, I’m okay with… most of what I saw on the example, although I would shift a few things around. Nice find!

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