on a 5-0 music video …

As a five year member* of the University of Hawaii Rainbow** marching band, I have to say that it irks me a bit that this Hawaii 5-0 promotional video from CBS features the USC band rather than the U.H.  Rainbow** band.  That being said, however, this is a GREAT video and I have to say that I’m surprised at how excited I am to see Hawaii 5-0 come back to life.  I have childhood memories of seeing the original series being shot all over the island of O’ahu.  I hope the new series is as wonderful as the original was!

I can’t seem to get the video to embed so try watching it here: Hawaii 5-0 Music Video!

*Yes, I’m really not a naturally bright guy to begin with and I paid for school by waiting tables full time so it, indeed, took me five years to graduate.

**The University of Hawaii dropped the nickname “the Rainbows” because, apparently, a few people in the athletic department were afraid that their pals would tease them about being “gay” or something at conventions and such. I grew up cheering for the Rainbows and they’ll always be Rainbows to me. I have never bought a single item of U.H. merchandise with that ugly a$$ flying H thing on it … I say, get a pair of cojones and call yourselves the Rainbows you losers!!! You’re Hawaii for goodness sake.

Hey! Here they are!!! My band!!!

7 thoughts on “on a 5-0 music video …

  1. OK, I see that they used USC’s band, but… um… WHY? The promo video doesn’t appear to have been shot on a South Carolina beach but I know they can do amazing things in an editing booth, so I’m confused.

    Are they filming the show in Hawaii?

    I didn’t know you’d been in the band! What did you play?

    1. CBS shot the promo video with the University of Southern California Trojan band. USC played the University of Hawaii two weeks ago so I’m guessing a USC Alumni who now is an executive with CBS arranged to shoot the video when they were in Honolulu for the game.

  2. USC?!?! UGH!
    Also, I can’t wait for Hawaii 5-0. I used to watch that with my Dad all the time and it brings back such good memories. Plus, I’m super excited about seeing Daniel Dae Kim on a new show.

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