on abandonment issues …


I am officially now, like Sally Draper, a child of divorce and feeling totally abandoned!!! No, my parents aren’t divorcing (my father passed away years ago in the 80s), but first Vox announces they are abandoning us and going away now, my RSS reader, Bloglines, is going to be killed off and is going away on October 1st.

This, people, is too much change for me to handle all at once. I know both Vox and Bloglines will tell me, “Ambookgeek, we still love you… It’s not you, it’s us …”, but let’s face it people, the end result is that I have to move out of the cyber home(s) that I’ve lived in since the beginning and move to a new neighborhood that I don’t know and where all the kids might think I dress funny and have a strangely skinny neck, tiny head, and long arms!!!


Damn you, free services!!! You promise the world and when push comes to shove you just pick up and move on and do your own thing.


Go off and make a lot of money doing something else … See if I care!!!

But will you still come visit me every other Sunday and bring me presents and let me eat ice cream for dinner???

clipped from thenextweb.com

End of an Era: Bloglines Shutting Down October 1
If you’ve been in the Web 2.0/Social Media space for more than 4-5 years, your introduction to RSS was probably Bloglines. It was THE web-based RSS reader. Everyone used it. I used it until Google Reader came out, and I guess so did everyone else. The announcement came today from Ask.com that Bloglines will fade away into the Web 2.0 sunset October 1st. It’s a pity, because one of my first thoughts was “wait, it hadn’t closed already!?!”, Bloglines was the innovator. It was the benchmark that Google Reader and other RSS tools were measured against. Believe me, I tried all the RSS tools out there. There was a time when I was even working on an RSS reader called Lektora (which was way, way ahead of its time), and still Bloglines was the standard.
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