on a sad world …

This just makes makes me sad.  Something that surprises me is how sad I feel for the angry folk creating the signs.  After all, how afraid and hopeless do you have to feel for your future to get to a point where you scrawl messages like this on a board and hit the streets?  What kind of future can these folks look forward to?
Their anger, though, also makes me sad for the rest of us. What hope can we have for the future of our Nation with all of this out there?   How can any kind of vibrant middle class survive in America with all of this out there?
Face it folks, the days of $40/hr jobs for high school graduates are gone.  Those jobs just aren’t out there to be had.  They’re in India or China or Thailand or Malaysia or …
clipped from blogs.sfweekly.com

Respect Are Country, Speak English


Bay area-based Flickr user Paragon has created a photo set illustrating the phenomenon of “Teabonics,” or the unique set of misspellings and malapropisms evidenced in Tea Party protest signs. Our favorite, in which the medium really isn’t the message, above.

Photo via Paragon/Flickr and Danny Sullivan
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2 thoughts on “on a sad world …

  1. Those are… amazing / terrifying / hysterical.
    It’s hard to pick a favorite but, if I had to, it would be the one where someone realized they’d omitted the R from the word “working” so they squeezed it in . . . in the wrong place.

    1. Strange, huh? I normally would find this kind of stupidity hysterical, but it is SO crazy, that I think I’m finding it more sad and deeply disturbing than anything else.

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