on crime close to home …

I went out yesterday and everything was fine.  Upon returning home I came across the scene of this horrible crime. A body, sans head, lay sprawled out across my lawn and evidence of a struggle was clearly evident.


Our lawn is flanked by a long driveway that connects the alley behind the house to the street.  Our lot is completely fenced so a number of the neighborhood kitties have taken to using our driveway as a safe haven/freeway/shortcut from one side of the property to the other.  On a few different occasions recently, I’ve watched as a kitty would be strolling along minding his/her own business and suddenly, this bird swoops in and attacks Mr./Ms. Kitty (not Scooter Kitty, but actual four-legged kitties).  I suspect that the kitties called a union meeting and decided that enough was enough and had some kitty muscle rub out the offending upstart birdy …

It’s a jungle out there on the streets of Lala Land …


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