on back-to-school shopping and body image …

At the end of school last year, I was definitely treading in fashion don't territory.  Being very much of a nester, I find staying fashionably current to be an extremely challenging task.  I seem to settle on clothes that do the job (get me through a workday in reasonable comfort) and just wear them over and over until one day I realize that I purchased the clothes I'm wearing the same year the students sitting in front of me were born. 

To remedy this distressing situation, today I went back-to-school shopping for some shirts.  I had NO IDEA what size dress shirts I wear a clerk gave me a hand. 

Here's the thing … In addition to finding out what shirt size to buy, I found out that I am a freak!!!  I wear a trim/slim cut size 16, 36-37 shirt.  In case that means nothing to you, it basically means that I have a body like an orangutan!!! 


It's okay, though, I have worked on standing up tall so that my knuckles only drag on the ground when I'm tired and not paying attention  to my posture …

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One thought on “on back-to-school shopping and body image …

  1. my neck measures at 16 1/2 but I am short and not obese. If I get the 16 1/2 shirt, I could almost fit two of me in it. clothes shoping is hard. I have taken to not wearing a tie in the summer and not buttoning the top button when I do.

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