on chores …

I detest working outdoors!!! 

I spent an hour in the yard pruning stuff then spent another hour laying down jointing sand between the pavers that make up our yet to be used "patio." I had a lot of yard work chores to do as a child and I always hated it. I also had indoor chores that i had to do that I hated as well.  The odd thing is that after I moved out of my mom's home and into my own, I stopped finding my indoor chores so hateful.  There is something satisfying about sleeping on my laundered sheets and using my freshly washed towel at the beginning of a week. I don't, however, seem to have outgrown my hatred for yard work and other outdoor chores that need to be done. 

As an adult (chronologically at least) homeowner, I do my chores because someday I hope that this housing market rebounds and I will be able to sell my house for an astronomically indecent and insane profit (I have a fairly long horizon, I know …) which will then facilitate me being able to retire from my job so I can move back to Hawaii and live in my condo where I have no outdoor chores to do. 

Let's hope this all pays off in the end, because as I have mentioned …

I detest working outdoors!!!

By the way, that isn't me working but is basically what I was doing.  It isn't even that it is HARD work, I just …

I detest working outdoors!!!

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