on a summer’s eve douche bag loser …

Retrieved my truck from the mechanic. Yay for working AC!!!

Caught the bus home from the shop then caught the bus back when they called in the afternoon. When I first arrived in LA I didn't have a car and I rode the bus all over the city for six months, but these were my first bus rides in LA in 10 yrs. On the way back to the shop, an elderly woman who was obviously physically handicapped and also pretty clearly mentally impaired got on the bus.  She had a very difficult time just getting onto the crowded bus.  People were doing their best to help her, but a young man (he happened to be white, not that it really matters …) wearing his Kentucky Basketball cap with his trashy girlfriend sitting in an "elderly/handicapped priority" seat refused to give his seat up for her. 

A young (probably high school) girl said, "Come on. One of you should stand up …"

They just sat because, "We have all this luggage …"

It was two friggin' daypacks …

I said, "Dude, really? Stand-up!" but he just sat. Someone else gave the lady a seat and I had to get off at the next stop, but thankfully as I was getting off a little bit of mob-rule outrage was beginning to take over the crowd on the bus.

I mean, really dude?!?!?!?  I hope you get hit by a bus and die a slow painful death. It would be a good way to thin the gene pool of such a Summer's Eve douche bag loser …

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3 thoughts on “on a summer’s eve douche bag loser …

  1. on the subway, I always find a seat that is hard to get to, deeper into the train or up some stairs (we have trollies). It is less likely that someone that needs the seat is going to get that far. is it me being a jerk, or me knowing my ride home is about 45min and planning ahead?
    I also read, so I am pretty oblivious of what is going on around me, so I could look like a jerk to lots of people.

  2. Finding a seat at the back of the bus or the middle of the subway car and reading is planning ahead for a long commute, not being a jerk. Sitting in the first three seats on a bus with a big sign over it that says "Priority Seating for Elderly/Handicapped" when you are an able-bodied 20-something year old is being an a$$hole.

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