on running the numbers …

Yes, I know I'm obsessing about my weight gain. In case you missed it see here.

I'm back in Lala Land and it is time for the weight denial to end.  Here are the numbers …

September through June – generally 174 – 176 lbs
June 11 (last day of school, mom and sister arrive in LAX) – 175 lbs
June 25/26 (mom and sister return to Honolulu, S/O and Ambookgeek head to NYC) – 178 lbs
July 12-14 (return from NYC, head to Honolulu) – 174 lbs
August 18 (return to LAX from HNL) – 187 lbs

OMG!!! How is it even friggin' possible to gain that much weight in one month?!?!?  At my peak, probably my senior year of high school, I tipped the scales at about 220 lbs., but I have maintained my weight at about 175 lbs for, like, ten years.  That's why this is so alarming to this formerly "really fat kid."

Tomorrow is a new day. Roasted chicken and salad will reign for a while.

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