on my weight and a river in egypt …

As I've probably obsessively mentioned before, I was a really fat kid.  I'm no longer, objectively, really fat, but when you are "the really fat kid" growing up, one of the emotional baggage side-effects is that there is a pretty decent chance that even if you are a decent size according to your BMI and your primary care physician, there will always be a "really fat kid" just waiting to take over your average sized adult body … AT ALL TIMES. 

As a result of me always worrying about the return of my fat self, working out five or six days a week has almost become a religion for me.  Okay, "religion" is probably overstating it, but "obsessive habit" probably wouldn't be too much.  Anyway, I normally have the balance between my exercise and diet dialed in pretty well, but when I am in Hawaii too long.  I kind of go nuts.  You see, part of the reason that I was a really fat kid to begin with is that "local foods" in Hawaii are all heinous carb-loaded, fat-loaded food bombs!!!  Fried chicken cutlets with two scoop of white rice accompanied by a scoop of macaroni salad with everything covered in brown gravy is an actual menu item!!!

When I'm in Los Angeles I pretty much eat what I want when I'm out, but eat a pretty healthy diet when I'm at home.  In Honolulu, this all goes horribly awry.  About two weeks ago, I decided that I could no longer bring myself to step onto the scale, as is my usually habit each morning, any longer so I've been living in absolute DEE-NILE … And, people, denial is more than a river in Egypt. 

My mom and sister are coming over and bringing dinner tonight.  I know that it's going to be carb and fat laden and I know that I'm going to eat it … A LOT OF IT!!! 

So that is why I'm heading out to pick up some delicious Roselani brand Mango 'n Cream ice cream for dessert.  The diet and any hope that there would be visible abs on my body anytime during this calendar year are LONG gone so one might as well live it up!!!

And by the way, if you have not had Roselani Mango 'n Cream ice cream yet, you need to be sure to put off dying until that has been crossed off your bucket list because … YES … IT IS THAT GOOD!!!

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3 thoughts on “on my weight and a river in egypt …

  1. Is there an emoticon for "high five"? Maybe ^5? Whatever, I'm giving you one for the "might as well live it up" line. Amen, brother, preach it!It sounds like a visit to Hawaii would be so delicious. Fried chicken covered in gravy? With rice? I'd be twice as big as I already am (which is "very") but I'd be happy. YUM.

  2. ha! I just had some hawaiian bbq this afternoon because I thought I deserved it after working out for 1 – 1/2 hours this morning. It's so fricking good. It's like Filipino food – so much fried food but it's so good!

  3. Hawaii sounds like the South. Eat what you want just in smaller portions. it is a painful week shrinking your stomach, but you get used to eating normal portions pretty quickly.

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