on a new burger joint …

Just got home from dinner at Honolulu's newest burger joint– The Honolulu Burger Company.  They've been in business for four days.  I noticed it the other day when Significant Other was dropping off some dry cleaning.  One of our favorite neighborhood Thai restaurants was across the street from the dry cleaner and I noticed that our beloved Mekong II restaurant was gone and the Honolulu Burger Company had opened in its place. 

Unfortunately I had a brain fart and completely forgot to take pictures of my food before completely downing my burger and my half of our order of sweet potato fries. 

I had the Hawaiian Beach Boy Burger with ham and a grilled pineapple salsa and S/O had the Blue Hawaii Burger which had Gorgonzola and ham.  We also split a small order of sweet potato fries.  Both burgers and the fries were quite delicious, but everything was a tad bit on the salty side. 

I'd definitely give them another try, but I'd ask them to go easy with the salt shaker the next time around.     

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One thought on “on a new burger joint …

  1. wow! $5.99 for a kids meal. I am guessing the burgers are like 10-12 bucks. Try the Korean burger next time. Don't know if would be good, but it would be interesting.

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