on obsessions colliding …

I blogged recently about my summer obsession with Mad Men and Scooter Kitty and other folk who know me in the 3-D world know that last year I went through a significant period of time obsessing about the purchase of a new sofa for our new house after which I ended up buying nothing and making do with my old sofa. If you've been following this blog for a LONG time, you may remember that I also had an obsessive episode concerning purchase of my sofa set for the condo in Hawaii a few years ago.  That obsessive episode involved paying 3X more for a sofa than it was worth, getting buyer's remorse and getting stuck with it so we now have an extra sofa that we use as really nice patio furniture. 

Anyway, yesterday my two obsessions collided head on.  I was watching an episode of Mad Men and two characters where having this intense conversation about something (or maybe having "relations" or smoking or something … I don't remember exactly) and I though …

"Damn!!! That is the most perfect friggin' sofa I've ever seen!!!" 

I know that really isn't what the show's creators wanted me to be thinking right then, but that's what I was thinking. 

I have come to realize that I really love the design esthetic of the late 50s and early 60s.  I love the world that they've re-created.  I love the clothes.  I love the hair.  I love the furniture (office, not so much the stuff in their homes)!!!  Part of me wishes that people still dressed like that though, in all honesty, I'm the person at work who dresses the most schlumpily and wrinkledly and unprofessionally casually so if I really HAD to dress like that for work, I'd probably HATE it!!!

Another part of me fantasizes about being transported back in time and walking into an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in Manhattan in the 1960s.  I get really excited at the thought, then I realize that my hair is straight and black and my eyes are slanty so the only way I would have been able to walk into an ad agency on Madison Avenue in Manhattan in 1960 would have been if I was the guy delivering the Chinese take-out or as a member of the night cleaning crew. 

Thank goodness it is 2010, huh???  People don't smoke indoors and Chinese-American guys can wear jeans and $12.00 stripped polo shirts from Target to work at high priced independent schools!!!


PS–The picture isn't the exact sofa, but … You get the idea.  The pic is from this site: **Design Sponge**.  I want, like, one of EVERYTHING they have featured!!!

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One thought on “on obsessions colliding …

  1. Oh don't get me started. At machines Jones New York had a whole line of Mad Men inspired clothes! I used to have to go hunt that stuff down in thrift shops and at one point started sewing sad little versions of the dresses. I love that style too!
    But looking at my studio, I am still in mish mash heaven 🙂 ah well…

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