on plumbing …

Not to bring a hex on our Hawaii condo or anything, but we've had plumbing issue after plumbing issue since we bought this place three years ago.  Last summer, two days after arriving, I woke up and walked into a huge-ass puddle of water on the floor.  Our under-counter water heater had decided it was time to give up the ship and leaked its entire contents into the kitchen.  Our condo is on the top floor of a five-story building so water ran down the wall and soaked the corridors of the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd floors as well.  FORTUNATELY, there was no damage to the units below ours (thank the lords).  Needless to say, one of the very first things I did after returning to Los Angeles was purchase liability insurance for the properties should we be less lucky the next time something like this happens.

Anyway, later in the summer, we found out that every time we showered, water was leaking through the wall into the corridor adjacent to the corridor.  A little pipe stem from the shower had corroded through and was leaking some of the water down behind our shower enclosure. 

Both plumbing issues were fixed without too much fuss, but yesterday we got a note on our door asking us not to use our shower until a plumber could come in to check on a problem affecting people on the fourth floor.  It turns out that the main drain pipe serving the entire five-story stack of units down our part of the building has a crack in it an must be replaced over the next few days.  Thankfully, it is a building issue so the cost is covered by our maintenance fee, but we won't be able to use our shower or bathroom sink until the work is completed so we'll have to take our showers at the gym. 

Plumbing issues and the expensive replacement of nearly fifty-year-old (our building was built in 1965) pipes is just something that is going to be part of life in an old building, but it sure would have been nicer of the pipe if it broke during the one of the other 9 months of the year when I'm not here staying in the place. 

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2 thoughts on “on plumbing …

  1. ugh..we are having hot water issues here..meaning ..there is no hot water. 😦 I have no where else to shower unless I drive up to school! which I have done before…ha.

  2. Gah! I've only had my condo since November and am already basically running a tab with the plumber. Most of it has been toilet problems, but to keep things interesting, there's also been a sink problem and a tub problem, although not on the levels you've had!I did have an ice maker line rupture one time in another place. I spent literally all night mopping it up off the kitchen floor because I couldn't figure ouf where it was coming from. Never occurred to me to look behind the fridge!

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