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I heart Virgin America!  They are my favorite domestic airline by a tiny hair over Hawaiian Air.  Virgin cabin crews are pretty and they have cooler uniforms, their planes have this really cool purple hued lighting design, and they have individual entertainment systems for each passenger so they got the nod.  Hawaiian flight crews are really helpful and friendly and they still serve meals, but their planes don't have the entertainment systems so they got edged out for the top spot.  I hear, however, that they have just started flying new Airbus planes so they may be back in the running for the top spot.  S/O and I will be flying Hawaiian Air to Honolulu day after next so we'll see how they fare.

I had an interested flight from JFK to LAX this morning.  They Virgin plane was clean, the crew was spiffy, and the service was great as always, but the passengers around me were quite an interesting group.  A dad flying with three young boys tuned out and let his youngest son who was about 5 scream and rant for about the first hour-and-a-half.  This normally would have really bugged me but passengers of all stripe around me were more than ticked off enough for all of us so I just turned my headphones up and let it go.  The devil child eventually calmed down and did very well for about two hours, then terrorized the plane again for about the last hour-and-a-half. 

The family across the aisle from me was very nice, but rather odd which made for a wonderful people watching experience.  Dad sat directly the aisle from me with two sons who looked to be in about the 8th and 10th grades and mom sat in the row behind them with two younger girls.  The kids were all really well behaved and mom was really well prepared with food.  The strange thing was that the kids all acted much younger then they looked.  For example, mom gave 10th grade boy a plum.  When he was just about done eating his plum, dad took out a napkin and held it out in front of 10th grader's face and he proceeded to spit the pit out into the napkin.  I mean, is it just me or does that seem like something a kid should be able to take care of for themselves after say … the second grade???  Anyway, they were really nice and friendly, but dad had some major sour B/O!!!  Yikes!!!  I think that I may be more sensitive to sour B/O than most (see this post), but yikes!!!  Somebody needs to buy some Sure!!!

Thank god for those overhead air vent things!!!

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4 thoughts on “on virgin (america) …

  1. I hate screaming kids. I counsel my kids to be as quiet as possible on the subway. My oldest is the only one that has flown and she was 3 and looked out the window the entire time.

  2. I haven't flown at all since 2003 (to a friend's wedding), but I did enough flying from 1986 to 2000 to last me my whole life, on top of what I'd already done before 1986. I maintained then, and still maintain now, that I would CHEERFULLY pay a premium on a ticket if it came with a guarantee that there were no passengers on the plane any younger than 15. I remember one flight (of the many) in which there was a 6-year-old kid named Gregory who delayed takeoff for about 20 minutes because he would NOT sit back and wear his seat belt. First we were all ready to kill Gregory. Then we were ready to kill his father who was cajoling him – "You have to sit down now, Gregory, OK?". "OK"??? How about, "Boy, you'd better SIT YOUR SKINNY ASS DOWN and NOW!"I would've made a terrible flight attendant. For that matter, I feel the same way about restaurants. I'd happily pay a surcharge on the check if I could be guaranteed the meal would not be ruined by out-of-control kids.I agree with you that holding a napkin for a high-schooler to spit a plum pit into seems a little… odd. Maybe they were afraid he'd just stow it next to the seat cushion or something. Or maybe Dad was going to take it home and try to grow his own plum tree. Still, weird.

  3. HA HA HA! OMG! some parents really need to back off on their kids. Did you see that article about the guy who's mom made him a webpage to find him a wife?!?!? back off mom! too much!Ugh. Screaming kids on a plane are the WORSE! Or the one's whose parents thinks it cute that their children are leaning all over you. I always feel like such a bish because I just give kids the stink eye. I don't care how cute you are sit in your seat and don't go leaning on me..I don't know that kid. And what if that kid has lice. GROSS!

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