on la-fitness … ?

Significant Other and I got back to LaLa Land this morning.  I unpacked (I'm more than a bit obsessive compulsive about unpacking my stuff and going through my mail before I do anything else) then went out to the gym.  I go to the LA Fitness on La Cienega Blvd.  As I've posted before, the gym is huge (65,000 square feet) and beautifully designed, but unfortunately suffered from a succession of horrible club managers that allowed the trainers to teach clients that it is okay to leave weights and equipment all over the floor so more dumbbells are usually scattered about on the floor than are on the racks.  Anyway, that's all irrelevant and minor relative to today's horrifying event.  

As I got off the cardio machine this afternoon, I noticed that the Operations Manager (a great guy who tries very hard, but who, I suspect, is stymied by the sales manager) and a few members where gathered and trying to give aid to a middle aged looking Hispanic man who, apparently, had collapsed.  This is how crappy the management and most of the employees at this gym are, rather than coming over to help, the "certified" fitness trainers continued to train their clients and the sales manager named Gail continued with her membership sales presentation to two young men.  Meanwhile, the Operations Manager was working with one of the guys on the maintenance crew to raise the guys feet and one of the gym members ran off to get the automatic defibrillator which the Operations Manager applied to the man in distress. I rushed over just to double check to see that Gail knew about the situation and that 9-1-1 had been called and all she said was, "Yes, we've got it" then continued trying to sell memberships to the two perspective clients. 

I mean, "WHAT THE F$*K???"

I figured that the man would eventually be fine and a very short while later EMTs arrived, but things apparently went bad because they began chest compressions and worked on him for quite a while before putting him on a back board and gurney and taking him out to an ambulance.  Only after she, apparently, finished her F$8KING sales pitch did Gail go over and find out what was happening. I hate to say this, but that greedy woman deserves to burn in horrible hell!!! 

I assume that at the very least, all of the trainers are required to be certified in CPR, but frankly, based on what I've observed in this gym over the years I'd guess that they get some kind of crappy fifth rate "training" and that they wouldn't know what to do even if they cared enough to walk over and find out what was happening.  I workout there because it is close to my house, but I when I bought some training a few years ago I went over to a different gym and now I get help from S/O. 

YIKES!!! The majority of the employees in this place are the worst.  I've worked out in a number of other LA Fitness gyms in New York and Florida and they're much better so I suspect it isn't so much a chain issue as much as this particular gym is managed incredibly poorly and as a result the employees have learned to suck at their jobs or have just given up trying to do their jobs well because it is so damned hopeless. 


Please say prayers, send good thought or do whatever you might believe in for the man who was in distress!!!  

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