on nyc week one highlights, 2010 version …

Sorry, working on a borrowed computer and don't have data for my phone so no pics of my own …


NYC Pride parade … NYC sure knows how to throw a parade!!!

Ate pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn

Bought nice cheap t-shirts from Uniqlo

Ate Thai fusion at Spice

Ate at Cozy Soup N Burger

Went to see Promises, Promises with Sean Hayes and Kristen Chenowith

Ate good baked ziti in Chelsea at Lasagna

Ate good Chinese in Chinatown … twice

Visited Dieter's house … aka … the New Museum

Ate numerous slices of good pizza

Happened upon the bakery this is owned by the Cake Boss on the Food Network with humongous line during my foray to Hoboken, NJ

Ate the incredible cupcakes at Magnolia bakery


Yankee game at the new stadium on the afternoon of July 4th

Party to watch July 4th fireworks over the Hudson River

Dinner with friends out on Long Island 

Lunch with my pal Judy who used to work with me in LA


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