on happy and sad …

I've been following  a blog written by an independent school librarian in Florida who has spent the past year working with a black lab puppy, Bingo, in order to prepare him for his full training as a working guide dog.  As the year comes to a close CD and her husband are preparing to send Bingo off to continue his training and her post reflects on the on the mix of emotions of sending the young guy off to continue his journey to life as a guide dog.  This is very much worth a read.

Bingo's Impact

I got a call last week from Chuck telling me that on July 1st we would be getting a black lab female puppy. That exciting news heralded the bittersweet news that Bingo was in all probability going In For Training (IFT) in July. Despite being a blockhead (in some respects, in other respects he is a sweet boy), he would in all likelyhood be joining some of his littermates and starting the next phase of his journey to become a guidedog.
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