on shame …!!!

I was sitting at the food court at Costco enjoying my piece of combo pizza and Diet Coke when I watched a woman in a old Toyota Camry zoom into a space that another car had been patiently signaling and waiting for.  The driver that had been signaling beeped his horn two or three times and the space stealer slowed down, but then proceeded into the space and parked. 

Space stealing woman and her friend got out of their car and the driver that screwed out of the space beeped his horn the space stealer and her pal just ignored him and went about their business.  As they walked past the crowded food court I took it upon myself to make the world a better place and I yelled out, "SHAME!!! SHAME!!! IT'S BAD MANNERS TO STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S PARKING SPACE!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!" while pointing the offending space stealer out to everyone in the food court. 

Hey, let's face it, space stealer and her friend will probably steal another space in the future, but at least there is the tiny possibility that they'll think a little before doing it next time. 

And calling attention to shabby people is fun. 

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