on nice manners, please … !!!

My almost sixteen-year-old plain white Ford Ranger Pick-up got dissed last night.  Okay, so Truck isn't fancy or sexy, but boy he sure can take a licking and keep on ticking! 

Truck has only been washed, maybe, five times since he moved to California ten years ago. I have to admit that sometimes due to these lax grooming standards, he sometimes looks like the poor cousin from the country with the crooked teeth visiting relatives in Beverly Hills, but still … How about some nice manners, people ???

I don't have a picture of truck in my wallet, but suffice it to say that this pic serves as a reasonable facsimile of truck's better looking fraternal twin brother …


Anyway, this morning I found this card tucked into Truck's driver-side window:

Wha???  "JUNK CARS????"

How 'bout some manners, people??? Manners!!!

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