on calgon daze …

I honestly didn't remember what kind of product Calgon is, but I remember the TV ad campaign of my youth.  There was always some woman that was in a situation of some kind that totally sucked and she'd look at the camera and say, "Calgon, take me away …" Then they'd show her relaxing in a bubble bath. 

Anyway, I'm having a total, "Calgon, take me away" day.  What it comes down to is that many people in the world who should know better, really are a bunch of lazy dumbasses that spend their lives doing crappy jobs and making poor decisions.

Calgon … Take me away!!!

And really … Fancy titles and specialized degrees … Basically good for shit!!!

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2 thoughts on “on calgon daze …

  1. Calgon was (is?) a scented bath oil. I only used it once or twice because, while the whole bath experience was nice and all, getting out of the tub was occasionally a bit clumsy since all your skin was now slick as owl sh!t. Their ad campaign was definitely a good one, though.Sorry you're having a Take-Me-Away day. And I hear you about the degree.

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