on resurrection …

It is yet another post Easter miracle, people!!! Upon my return from spring break I found the dead stick in my front yard had sprouted leaves of green and now this!!! It's almost more that I can bear!  

My cheap-as-you-can-get desktop computer from Fry's that died upon my return from spring break has been sitting dormant for the last three weeks.  Being that I tend to get decision constipation, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to buy another desktop or get a laptop instead.  In the meantime, I had been bring my work laptop home everyday.  Yesterday, as I was leaving my office I forgot to pack up my mouse.  I'm am horribly uncoordinated so use of a track pad to be an absolute nightmare so I went to grab the USB mouse attached to my dead desktop.  As I was pulling the mouse, my knee hit the power button on the dead desktop and lo and behold, Windows started up and my desktop has come back to life!!! 

Yay people!!! Yay!!!

Thank goodness for decision constipation!!!

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