on dead or alive … ?

When I left for my spring break in Honolulu two weeks ago our lawn was looking nice and very healthy. The property also a fairly happy kumquat tree in the side yard and the front yard was being shared by a happy and healthy tangerine tree and a really large dead twig that used to be a tree. I resolved to finally get around to having someone come in and take the dead twig tree out when I got back to L.A. I got in early this morning and took a lengthy nap and when I got up and took a look at the yard in the light of day I realized that TWIG TREE IS ALIVE!!! 

Okay, I know this must seem completely bizarre to those of you who know seasons and everything, but as I grew up in the tropics for my first thirty-five years and lived in a condo with no lawn maintenance to do for the next ten, this whole dead twig tree comes to life during spring phenomenon is really mind boggling!!! 

It's ALIVE!!!  And where the hell did those leaves come from in exactly two weeks??? How is that even possible???

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