on designs that make you feel better …

I LOVE HGTV design shows.  The thing is, though, that I have two kinds of shows that I watch.  I watch designers who's designs I can only dream of having in my home (Candace Olson or Sara Richardson) or shows that make me feel like my Target based design style is not half bad for what I paid and for the fact that I have no design training whatsoever. 

My pal Scooter Kitty recently posted about a "Poor woman's Martha Stewart …" which got me reminiscing about a show that I used to LOVE watching for the designs that made my Target furniture and towels seem so much the sweeter! 

Don't miss it! Believe me, this bathroom us JUST THE BEGINNING!!!  Just check out the cool denim vest the lady wears at the very beginning!!!  SWEEEEEEEEETTT!!! 

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