on happy feet …

Tomorrow is payday! In anticipation of this great event, I went out and splurged on a treat for myself and I spent $90.00 on a new vacuum cleaner.

I know that a vacuum cleaner isn't exactly a spa day, but as someone who grew up in Hawaii I don't wear shoes in the house. Most people in the islands remove their shoes before entering a home and it is an aspect of island life that I refuse to give up even after living in Lala Land for nearly ten years.  As a result, I hate it when there is dust, dirt, or any other crud on the floor in my home. Since the new house that S/O and I moved into has hardwood or tile floors throughout I haven't been able to use my old carpet sweeper. In spite of my continued Swiffer (dry and wet) efforts there has been crud sticking to my tender feet since I moved here so a canister vacuum that can be used on hardwood flooring is a big friggin' deal! 

I know, in today's world $90.00 is not a lot to spend on a vacuum cleaner, but … It's freaking vacuum cleaner and that's about as much as I want to spend on a dirt sucking machine so I happily brought home my beautiful Dirt Devil Canister Vac from Target and give the house a good once over. 

Clean feet are one of life's under appreciated joys!  Trust me, I know such things …

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