on daybeds …

I'm of Chinese ancestry and I grew up in Hawaii–Lounging cultures, both … Take a look at pictures of those old opium dens, they were full of daybeds and a type of daybed called a "punee" was at one time a prominent feature in the homes of wealthy Hawaiian families.

I'm coming to realize that I have the wrong kind of furniture in my home.  Slipper chairs … Bah!  Sofas … Bah!!  What I really need is a bed.  Since moving into our new house and setting up our living room, I hardly spend any time there at all.  I spend my glorious weekend days lounging in bed surfing the net on my laptop while HGTV provides background noise on the TV. 

In a perfect world, I'd go out and shop for a daybed to put in the living room so that I could pretend to be a Chinese Emperor and receive my guests while lounging comfortably in my daybed.  Ironically, as I suspect I come from purely peasant stock, had my family remained in China, the closest I'd ever get to one of those daybeds would likely have been as a eunuch serving the Emperor his hot tea or toiling in the rice paddies outside the palace walls–Alas, no opium for me …

Anyway, whether it's genetic or cultural is pretty much a moot point as Significant Other is an upright sitter and quite conventional when it comes to such things so there's just no way that the daybed idea is gonna fly. 

Woe is me … Woe is me … Just a sec. I need to ring this bell and get Significant Other to bring me a piece of peach pie and something to drink …Woe is me … Woe is me …

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2 thoughts on “on daybeds …

  1. LOL! so frickin' hilarious!! I was looking at daybeds in your Pottery Barn catalog the other day. Because I don't have room for a couch in my lowly studio. Anyway…now I will say I have one because I'm of royalty..not really my family are farmers, fishermen, and teachers…

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