on cloudiness …

Upon flipping on the monitor in the office at home, my computer looked like this (not a real shot, just a reasonable facsimile):

I know … This is not good.  I scroll through menus and it eventually asks me to insert my system disks, but alas … As far as I remember, this system came with no disks so I think I'm screwed.  This, you see, is what happens when you walk into Fry's and tell the guy in the ill fitting short sleeved white shirt and skinny black tie, "So … Where is the cheapest computer you can sell me today?"  I actually got a good three and a half years of use out of it so I guess I can't complain too much.

Here's the burning question of the day, though … "Am I ready to go into the cloud?  Is the cloud ready for me?" 

Are you a netbook user?  If you are, do you like it and why?  If you aren't why haven't you gone into the cloud yet? 

Here's my situation.  I have a work issued laptop that I can haul home if I need to work, but I hate doing that so having my desktop with the Office Suite is nice, but I also love sitting in bed, surfing the web while I watch TV.  I'm too cheap to pay for a full laptop of my own.  What's your advice?

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