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I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be Your President—Josh Lieb


Oliver Watson lives in Omaha Nebraska, is in the eighth grade, and is the evil genius of unspeakable evil to which the title refers.  As the piece’s first person narrator, we learn about Oliver’s world through his eyes. 


Through Oliver the reader is given the opportunity to experience life as an eighth grader experiences it.  Sitting through English class as, Mr. Moorehead who prides himself one of the “cool teachers,” prattles on and on about Fahrenheit 451; dealing with his father, who is too caught up in reliving his past life as a middle school student government officer to care about Oliver at all; and the upcoming student government election where Oliver plans to become the next class president.


As the story progresses the reader is left to ponder just which parts of the Oliver’s observations are, indeed, fact and which are elements of his imagination.  A very enjoyable read with one of the very best opening paragraphs published in a YA book in years!

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