on sport …

I've posted about this issue before, but I just got back from a long lunch conversation about sport.  Specifically, what qualifies as a sport?

Here are Mr. Ambookgeek's rules for sport:

1.  If the activity involves chiffon costuming and judging, it's not a sport.

  • Figure skating–not a sport

2.  If the main criteria for the competition is judging, it's not a sport.

  • Figure skating–not a sport
  • Diving–not a sport
  • Synchronized swimming–not a sport (and even more importantly, how do you have "solo" synchronized swimming? Who are they synchronizing with???
  • Gymnastics–not a sport
  • Freestyle skiing–not a sport
  • Competitive cheerleading–not a sport

3.  If you cannot cheer whenever you feel like it, it's not a sport.

  • Golf–not a sport
  • Bowling–not a sport
  • Tennis–not a sport (though simple etiquette and rule changes could have tennis easily qualify)

My co-workers suggested a few rules as well:

4.  If you don't sweat, it's not a sport.

  • Curling–not a sport (don't give us that "brooming is hard," BS either …)

5.  If the activity is something that you can do while you are drinking beer, it's not a sport.

  • Darts–not a sport
  • Pool–not a sport

6.  If the competition involves an animal, it could well be a sport, but the animal should be declared the winner rather than the human riding or coaching it.

  • Jockeys and Olympic equestrians, we're talking about you … Though dressage for horses isn't a sport (see #2 and #3 above).
  • Dog "agility" folk, we're talking to you …

7.  If you can do the activity sitting or lying down, it's not a sport.

  • NASCAR–not a sport
  • Competitive eating–not a sport
  • Luge (which really should be pronounced "loo-ghee")–not a sport

We fully recognize the fact that many of these activities take much athletic prowess, they just aren't sports.

Some tough calls:

  • Baseball–meets many criteria of being a sport, but there sure is a lot of standing around.  You could probably drink beer during a lot of it.
  • Mogul skiing–could clearly be a sport, but they muck up their status with the whole judging concept
  • Ski jumping–have some of the same problematic issues with judging as mogul skiing

What calls do you make about sport?

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2 thoughts on “on sport …

  1. And let's not forget poker! How the heck did that ever get on the sports channels? BTW you CAN drink while bowling so that falls under the beer category as well.I actually think yelling should be allowed in golf, tennis and bowling. What fun that would be!Solo synchronized swimming? The serious will tell you its synchronized to the music…similar to ice dancing…do we have singles ice dancing? Doesn't matter as it's judged so therefore not a sport. Still trying to figure out how ice dancing and rhythmic gymnastics got into the olympics….seriously, a ribbon, ball and baton?!!!…is Miss America on the Olympic committee? Pretty soon they'll have congeniality as a sport!

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