on silver or bronze …

In most cases, I'm guessing that any true contender for an Olympic medal gets out and "goes for the gold." I've been thinking, though, if you don't win the gold, is it better to get the silver or the bronze?  I know that intuitively, most people would say, "silver, of course" but I'm not so sure. I know that I'm more neurotic and crazy than most people out there, but as someone who always sees the glass as half-empty, to me a silver medal would mean a lifetime haunted by, "What if …"  "What if I turned my head this way when I was in the back stretch?"  "What if I hit that third shot?" "What if I wore the other pair of shoes?" "What if …"

As a bronze medalist, though, I think my mind would be all about, "OMG, after all that training I almost got fourth and I didn't get anything.  Thank God for the bronze!!!"

Honestly, I've never done anything academically, athletically, socially, whatever, that put me in the top three of anything so it's all hypothetical junk rattling around in my head as I sit here on the sofa watching people actually go out into the cold weather and pursue their Olympic dreams …

Go figure …

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