on screwed again …!!!

Oy!!!  I know it … I'm gonna get screwed yet again!!! 

Mr. Ambookgeek is 45 years old.  The year I graduated from high school, President Ronnie Reagan drastically cut scholarship aid for folk like me.  I survived and ultimately earned three degrees from my low rent, barely third tier state school (though in all honesty my degrees were cheap and the salary to tuition ratio is probably astronomically better than every colleague with whom I currently work). 

Here's the thing, now some Republican dude (Paul Ryan) from Wisconsin is floating his health care reform plan that would keep medicare benefits the same for people who are over 55 and cut them for … Folk like me.  Listen to the NPR interview here. 

Hey, I'm not stupid.  I know that the country has no friggin' choice, but to cut something or go friggin' broke (you know, since we have to pay for two wars, a bank bailout, big tax cuts, and whatever the hell else the friggin' babyboom generation doesn't feel like paying for), but I'm pretty sick of the friggin' selfish-ass baby boomers running up the tab and leaving it for the rest of us. 


I was born in 1964, which technically is the last year of the babyboom, but us poor folk from the loser class of '82 just can't seem to catch a friggin' break.

So … screw you guys, baby boomers … SCREW YOU!!!

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3 thoughts on “on screwed again …!!!

  1. OK, I know this isn't the point of your post, but I thought you were somewhere in your thirties (way younger than I am). You do not look 45. I am curious to see you when you are 70. Will you look 45 then?

  2. Hmmmm … Thank you for your kind words … Do you, by chance, need glasses??? LOL … Based on my blog, thank goodness I'm not in my thirties, huh? Anyone who is this cranky in their thirties would be in REAL trouble! :-0 Actually, blog me is kind of very grumpy me. I say all the mean stuff in my head that I wouldn't say out loud (errr … mostly … 🙂

  3. I have to second what elisabeth wrote. I was surprised to know you're that old and I can say that because I'm older. Comparing your stated age with how much younger you look in photos, one must speculate whether there is, somewhere in your attic, a portrait of you that is aging horribly on your behalf. 😉

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