on news broadcasts in lala land …

This morning the local new affiliate did a story about a dog who senses the earthquake in Haiti before it is evident to the people in the video.  As the video plays, the local anchor very seriously tells viewers that the clip shows a dog sensing the earthquake then running around the room in an attempt to find and save its owner.  Watch this video. 

Really … Did you see the dog running around looking for its owner???  I didn't …  I mean, for all I know that dog was thinking, "Dude … Friggin' big earthquake on the way … I'm outta here … That fat kid who feeds me is on his own!!!  …. Good luck, sucka ….!!!"

I don't mean to make light of the tragedy unfolding in Haiti, but the reporting that we get in Lala Land can be so trite sometimes that it makes me crazy!!!!

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