on a shot in the arm …

I mean, really, a real shot in the arm!  I got one this afternoon.  I'm a vaccine lover.  I know that there are vaccine doubters out there that think people like me are crazy, but I get vaccines that folk like the Center for Disease Control or my doctor recommend that I get. 

Our school takes really great care of us and every year they have a health fair in the fall where teachers get what amounts to an annual check-up–blood tests, vision screenings, osteoporosis screenings, colon cancer screenings, etc.  Regular flu vaccines and a variety of other vaccinations like hepatitis-B and tetanus are also part of the mix.  Later in the year they actually bring in a mammogram machine and do breast exams for women and have a doctor come in to do prostate screenings for men (it's really surreal to get your boobs squished or have your prostate examined in the conference room of your place of work, but you just have to let your intellect overcome your sense of embarrassment as health screening is about life and embarrassment is about vanity …).  This year, due to the shortage, we weren't able to get either the regular flu vaccine or the H1N1 vaccine.  We eventually got an email telling us to go and get our flu vaccines and we'd get reimbursed which is what I did that very day.  Today I got word that I could get an H1N1 vaccine so … I got it. 

I got the shot in the arm rather than the nasal spray.  I trust the vaccine makers, but I still prefer to take the "dead" vaccine over the "live but weakened" one. 

Yeah for vaccines!

As an aside, when I was in Hawaii, I had a chat with my cousin's wife who has lived in Hawaii for almost twenty years.  S. is originally from Canada and she still holds dual American and Canadian citizenship.  During Thanksgiving, S. went to visit her mom back in Canada and her mom had her go down to the local clinic and get her H1N1 vaccination through the Canadian health service.  No wait. No charge. No big deal.  Anti health care reform folk in the U.S. keep screaming about how health care in Canada and the U.K. doesn't work.  There's no doubt that it isn't perfect, but seriously guys … WTF??? 

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2 thoughts on “on a shot in the arm …

  1. I was one of the first in line for the "regular" (seasonal) flu shot when they brought it out to my job. At that time I didn't qualify for the H1N1 and there was the shortage anyway.Later I talked with my doctor about whether I should aggressively pursue the H1N1 shot when it becomes available, and between the two of us we came down very solidly on the side of "whatever". I'm the only one in my family who hasn't gotten it, though, and wouldn't it just be my luck… I probably should try to get one.

  2. H1N1 vaccine is finally widely available here in Los Angeles County. I'd hope that it is just as easily available to you in your area at your local CVS or Walgreens.

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