on popularity …

Oh my goodness!  I'm so damned popular!!!  I have lots and lots of friends who call me at home on my brand new phone number!!!

One new friend was named Eric and he was from ADT.  He called to offer to help me protect my home from criminals, if I was willing to pay him a little something.  That was really nice of him, huh?

I also just got off the phone with a lovely woman named Monica from  something called Eco Water or something like that.  Even though we'd just met, she offered to come to my new home and test my water for all kinds of bad things that might be in it if I was willing to pay her a little something.  I mean … How nice is that, huh?

I just have to say, it is so NICE to be welcomed to the neighborhood by new friends in this way!!! 

All of these calls from all of these nice people made me realize that I need to reach out to friends as well so I fired up my broadband connection and sent off a message to my old firends at the National Do Not Call Registry.  I LOVE friends like those guys!!!

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5 thoughts on “on popularity …

  1. LOL – I'm in the same boat, having just moved into a new place. Since I didn't have to change my phone number and was already on the Do-Not-Call Registry, my new friends are reaching out to me through the US Postal Service. Alarm company (no thanks, don't need it right now), painter (no thanks, had the place painted before I moved in), tree trimmers (no thanks, handled by the condo association), roof inspections (no thanks, roof is only a few months old), gutter cleaners (see: tree trimmers), carpet cleaner (no thanks, I've only lived on it for a few weeks so far).I did get one good thing – a BOGO coupon from a local restaurant. I don't go there very often at all, but my niece and her boyfriend love it and will enjoy that.Amazing how these new friends appear out of thin air, ain't it?

  2. Hey Dolores2,I'm still waiting to hear about what your comment was about. I'm thinking that you're the grammar police and you don't like how I write (I know it isn't well by the way), but since you don't post anything public I can't have any idea. It hardly seems fair that you leave cryptic comments for me, but don't have even one single post for me to comment on, on your page. I guess it is what it is, but I'm wondering whether you live in a glass house or not and I'm just curious. Sincerely,Ambookgeek

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