on sex train-ing …

Kenneth over at the Kenneth in the (212) blog posted his commentary about an image of skanky people doing the skank on a train in the NYC Subway system that has, apparently, been making the rounds around the NYC blogsphere.

Interestingly, last year I actually witnessed people having carnal relations on the Times Square Shuttle train.  I promise, I saw it with my own eyes so this isn't some kind of … "A friend of a friend's friend saw these drunk skanky people doing the deed on the train." kind of thing.  I personally saw the drunk skanky people actually doing the deed with my very own Asian eyeballs!!!  For future reference, if you ever walk up to a waiting subway train car and there are two people at one end of the car and about 30 people at the other end of the car and EVERYBODY'S eyes are glued on the couple at the far end … The chances are really good that the couple is drunk and doing the DEED!

Also for future reference, NYC is NYC and you should feel perfectly comfortable taking out your cell phone camera and taking a bunch of pics or a short video clip for your blog.  Being an out-of-towner, I was a bit hesitant to make such an assertive move and I've regretted it ever since.  I have no proof other than my word that I, indeed, have seen people doing the DEED on a train.  Sigh …

Perhaps the very best part of the experience is that New Yorkers are hilarious and after people got over the shock, the running commentary was SO New York … It was like living an episode of Seinfeld …

It's a new decade.  From now on … NO REGRETS!!! … Manners and propriety be damned … Next time I'm getting those pics or that video!!!    

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One thought on “on sex train-ing …

  1. I saw that somewhere else..how can you be that horny to even want to do that in public? or maybe being public was awhole other kind of turn on! I don't know…ewww..I saw 2 mules going at it at the Grand Canyon…that is an image i would like wiped out of my mind…

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