on who knew …?


Okay, so I drink a LOT of diet soda.  According to Men's Health Magazine, drinking a LOT of diet soda is really a bad idea as it can lead to loss of calcium in bones and other bad things.  Here's the thing though … I don't drink. I don't smoke. I swear, but not to excess. I try very hard to be nice to my mom. I figure that I need at least one vice that is bad for me that I allow myself to enjoy.  Okay … In all honesty, I eat WAY FRIGGIN' too much processed food and preserved meat, but I figure I deserve at least TWO vices that are bad for me but make me happy. 

Anyway, upon getting to Hawaii one of the first things I have to do is go to Costco to buy a huge brick of Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi.  This time around I couldn't make it to Costco in time so I bought a twelve pack from Walmart and here's the thing … Who even knew that there is such a thing as Caffeine Free REGULAR Pepsi???  I've never seen such a thing. 

In any case I discovered today, that I was drinking a LOT of extra calories in the form of regular soda instead of diet. I was a really fat kid (I'm talking 5'11", 220lbs, and a size 38" waist when I graduated from high school vs. 6'2", 175lbs, and size 33" now) so thank goodness I caught the extra calories before it went on too long … If you were heavy as a kid, there is always a fat kid waiting to take over your body even if you've been a healthy weight for many years. 

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