on finally home …

S/O and I finally own our new home!  After what must be some kind of a world record three-and-a-half month escrow and a lot of drama our deed finally recorded on Friday–just in time for us to pack up and leave for our annual pilgrimage home to Hawaii.  It is a relief and a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays.  S/O and I won't be exchanging gifts this year as our house is our gift to each other … And for the next thirty years as well. 

Because the weather was bad and for a variety of scheduling issues with work (I was leaving the house before sunrise and getting back after dark) I don't have any good pictures of the house as it looks now, but here's one from before it was done.

After a lot of stress, I do have to say I love my house so far!  I can't believe it is mine!!!

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3 thoughts on “on finally home …

  1. HOORAY!!! I know it was a long wait and there times you weren't sure how it was going to end up, but it turned out great! Can't think of anyone more deserving — have fun with it!

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