on getting to the end …

Packing for the big move is virtually done.  The apartment is empty but for two lamps, our airbed, a tiny 12-inch tv, our two suitcases with clothes and stuff that we'll need short term, and a very few last random things.

Decided that I don't have it in me to make it to work tomorrow as we'll have to be COMPLETELY out by midnight tomorrow.  We'll have to shut off our cable, our phone, our broadband, and finish some last minute cleaning.  We've been in the apartment for a decade so there really is no way that we're getting our security deposit back, but I still feel like we need to run the vacuum and clean up just a bit before we leave for good.  Thankfully, our building managers have said that we can keep our mailbox keys until we are able to switch our mail delivery to another address (hopefully the house that we're still waiting to buy). 

On top of the last minute things to do when closing up the apartment, I seem to have come down with a bad cold.  Thankfully, though, S/O is back so I have company dealing with the packing and closing.

Whatever happens, this chapter of our lives is going to close tomorrow.  We hope that the next chapter will open in our new house very shortly, but at this point whatever happens is going to happen.  Interestingly, I've come to the realization that one way or another we're going to be fine in the end.

The past two weeks have actually been rather liberating for me as I've come to realize that, ultimately, I don't need a lot of stuff to live my life quite fully.  That alone, I think, will make this process worthwhile no matter what happens in the end. 

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4 thoughts on “on getting to the end …

  1. You are missing a brilliant career as a moving-out motivator! There's a niche and no one is filling it, and you clearly have what it takes! I love your attitude about how it will all work out in the end (and it will), with the cherry on top of realizing you can get by without your stuff if you had to. Hopefully you'll never have to but at least you know you can.I know you'll be living with friends short-term — how long before you know what's what with the new place for the long term?

  2. Hey Jan,,Right now we hope that we'll be able wrap up and close escrow within the week, but since we have an open escrow our (predicted) 60-day closing has stretched to 120 and counting. I'm just going with the idea that we'll close whenever it is that we close …Thanks for your kind words!

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