on weekend wandering …

Significant Other is off in Paris with students so I'm on my own for the week.  I have very strong tendencies to be a loner and enjoy time by myself, but given all of the upheaval of moving and our house issues and all the rest I have been a bit down about being on my own this week.  I spent this weekend keeping myself busy, I think, in order to avoid the task of packing up the last things in the apartment–the kitchen and the two bathrooms.

Here's my weekend in a nutshell:

  • I set out to find a reasonably priced clothes hamper to buy as I refuse to pay $49.99 for a clothes hamper from Target.  I spotted one at Ross Dress for Less that fit the bill, but I hesitated and wandered off only to have the hamper get picked up by another gay (I guess we should never assume) guy wearing low cut jeans and a t-shirt that was two sizes too small and asking another guy wearing low cut jeans and a t-shirt that was two sizes too small if he liked it.  Apparently the second guy liked it because they carried it off to the register and bought it. The moral is that when discount shopping, he who hesitates loses out …
  • I spent the rest of the weekend scouring literally every single Ross Dress for Less in the La La Land area for a second clothes hamper like the one that I lost out on.  I hit the stores at La Cienega, Ladera Heights, Inglewood, Westwood, Pico, and the one on Venice. 
  • Found a duplicate hamper at the Venice Blvd. store!
  • Went for breakfast by myself at the King's Bakery and Coffee Shop in Torrance.
  • Went to go visit my things at the house that I don't own and came across two guys having a fight in the street.  The guy who threw first punched like a girl so starting the fight probably wasn't the best idea he's ever had.
  • Had Panda Express for lunch at the newly remodeled Fox Hills Mall.
  • Bought a "throw" from Marshalls that I'll use to cover up the love seat that is dirty and gross looking.
  • Found a cheaper "throw" from T.J. Maxx that I can use to cover up the love seat that is dirty and gross looking.
  • Like a total doofus, tried to return the first "throw" to the T.J. Maxx only to have the clerk look at me like I was doofus so I took my two "throws" and left the store like an idiot.
  • Returned to Marshalls to return the "throw" that was theirs.
  • Went to IKEA.
  • Went to Costco.
  • Spotted Ms. Scooterkitty, Melle, K, and their friend that I didn't meet doing the Walk Across LA in Culver City on the way home.
  • Returned to turn on my one lamp, lie down on the airbed on the floor, and turn on the 12-inch TV and DVR (thank goodness for my TV and DVR). 

As much as I like being by myself, it got really lonely this weekend.  It's weird, I have a lot of really great people in my world, but I'm kind of an antisocial person so I don't do enough to make them into friends.  It makes me realize how much I depend on Significant Other.  It's nice, but maybe not too "healthy." 

I think I need to fix some things about the way I relate to people.  Being antisocial is not really a good thing …

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2 thoughts on “on weekend wandering …

  1. It doesn't sound to me like you're anti-social as much as cautious and pragmatic about who you throw in with. Nothing wrong with that.Hang in there — soon the single lamp and the airbed will be a distant memory!

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