on furniture …


Previous to tonight I haven't been a very good furniture shopper.  Two spring breaks ago I was charged with buying sofas for S/O's and my condo in Honolulu.  I ended up paying $1200 for sofas that were worth only about $250-$300.  Needless to say, the experience made me feel less than great about myself.  It was a big painful lesson learned.  Recently, I've been looking for two pine armoires to hold my clothes and I turned to Craig's List.  I found a pretty nice pine armoire for $150 that was a really good buy.  Tonight, however, S/O and I picked up a second armoire that is of MUCH better quality.  It's solid (and heavy) as hell and we got it for … $40!!!  The owner just wanted to get rid of it.  Apparently a good number of people had come to see it, but because it was so danged heavy there were no actual takers for it.  Well … It now has a new home!!! 

Yay for Craig's List and used furniture!!!

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