on really good tv …

No … This time I'm not talking about Glee (the best new show of the season), but about closed circuit television which is, apparently, from the UK.  Two young men apparently out for some fun decided to have a good time bashing some drag queens.  As it turns out, the trannies were mixed martial arts fighters dressed up for a night on the town and after being attacked, turned around and kicked the crap out of their attackers.  The good times start at about the 1 minute, 10 second mark.  Enjoy!

They apparently have much better cctv technology in the UK because the video is so nice and clear.  When there is a bank robbery or heist in the US and they show the security camera image of the suspects on the news, I frankly, can usually barely tell if the image is of a person or a possum.  You'd think that if you went to the trouble of installing security cameras you'd make sure that the images they provide would be useful at the most basic level, huh?

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2 thoughts on “on really good tv …

  1. This reminds me of a confrontation I saw once when I lived in KW. A queen in full high drag was being taunted by some moron. The queen tolerated/ignored it as long as possible, and finally grabbed the moron by the shirt, pulled him in close, and growled, "You need to remember, a$$hole, that underneath all this makeup there's a big hairy man who can kick your ass." Moron left, to the sound of applause.

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