on dicks …

Duuuude … At work I sit on a committee with this guy who is the head of a big department and let me tell you, this guy is a DICK!!!  OMFG!!!  Such a DICK!!! 

Dickhead Duuuude is not really very good at his job because from what I've been able to figure out, I don't think he really knows what he's doing and on top of that, he isn't a good manager of his people at all. He is a slipperly one though because he makes stuff up at meetings and I never know quite enough to challenge him face-to-face in meetings, but I know enough to know when things sound fishy. Being that I am a liberrian, after I leave a meeting I know enough to be able do some research and know that he's making shit up.  The thing is that in actuality, I really don't expect people to know all there is to know, but when you are sitting around a committee table with your peers and you don't know something you should really sometimes just say, "Hmmmm … I don't know. Can I do some research and get back to you next meeting?"  Not hard at all, right?  Anyway, Dickhead Duuuude is too insecure to admit that he doesn't know something so he fairly consistently does one of two things.  He either pulls some bullshit out of his ass and tries to pass it off as fact or he treats everyone else with condescension and is a total dickhead … Thus his new moniker, Dickhead Duuuude.  To make matters even worse, he isn't even a very good manager of the people in his department.  The guys in his department, for example, who work most closely with me said that they only even saw him a few times all last year. 

Anyway, in today's meeting, he chose to be condescending.  I was one of the people at whom his condescension was aimed so I called him out on it … Just a little. It's hard because one of my professional goals this year is to be calm and professional and let things go, but you know, sometimes you just have to call people on their shit.  After he slung mud at three of us in the room my only reaction was, "What does that mean?"  I wasn't rude.  I wasn't unprofessional but there was a tiny bit 'o silence around the table for a a few seconds before Dickhead Duuuude just pretended he didn't hear and went on. 

God … What a friggin' DICK!!!   

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3 thoughts on “on dicks …

  1. I saw him and I purposely avoided him. The sweating … I KNOW!!! He could never make it as a poker player because he has that "tell." I'm bluffing … SWEAT … SWEAT … SWEAT … Perhaps we should all chip in and buy him a bag of 6 Hanes undershirts …

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