on meg and civil unions …

Andy Towle over at the Towleroad blogged this story about Meg Whitman who has just announced that she's running in the Republican primary for Governor of California. She doesn't feel that it is unfair for lesbians and gays to be unable to marry because she supports civil unions and I have no problem with that.  In fact, civil unions are so equivalent to marriages that I no longer see any reason that California should issue any marriage certificates at all–Really, it is just a word after all. All Californians, straight people and fags and dykes, who want relationship recognition in California should only be given civil unions from tomorrow onward.  Gay marriage problem solved!!! 

Yay for Ambookgeek!!  You know me … I'm a problem solver!!!  Yay!!!!

The only problem that might come up is that some other states don't recognize civil unions, but when Californians move or travel, they can just carry a binder that'll give them hospital visitation rights and emergency power of attorney in the event of a tragedy so that the hospital won't have to track down the injured party's mom, dad, or sibling.  Other than that, though, it'll all be good!!! 

Well … That and Social Security rights since the Federal Government might not (I haven't researched it, but I suspect not) recognize Californian's civil unions either, but that's not too bad so in the end it'll all be good!!!

Well … Then there is insurance.  I suspect though that most insurance companies would recognize civil unions of Califnronians and extend coverages to civil partners, but then that'll vary by company so all Californians will just have to remember to check every time they renew their insurance coverage.  After all, it's just a simple phone call so in the end it'll all be good!!!

I just hope that I didn't miss anything though … Hmmmmm …

I like Meg, though, she seems to be a big idea gal!!!  Also, S/O and I make a pretty decent amount of money so she'll probably keep my tax rate down so we can keep more for ourselves instead of doing all that ridiculous stuff like build roads and public transportation and all that crap.  We can afford to pay to drive on nice toll roads like they have in Orange County and it'll be a lot less congested on the pay roads since there won't be a lot of poor people on them.  

clipped from www.towleroad.com

Meg Whitman: My Anti-Gay Marriage Stance is Not 'a Slap in the Face' to Gay and Lesbian People


CBS5's Hank Plante interviewed California gubernatorial candidate and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman about her opposition to marriage equality.

Says Whitman: "So as you know I am pro-civil union and not for gay marriage. And just for me, that term marriage, for me needs to be between a man and a woman…I do not feel it is a slap in the face [to millions of gay and lesbian Americans]. I had a terrific record at eBay, an excellent work environment for people of all different backgrounds and all walks of life. And as I said I am pro-civil union."

Watch the interview here.

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2 thoughts on “on meg and civil unions …

  1. Civil unions are not "so equivalent to marriages". Married couples have over 1,400 rights, protections and responsibilities not available to couples in civil unions. Separate is not equal. It's time you educated yourself.

  2. Hello … Apparently, the sarcasm and irony didn't come through so well in my post. Yeah … Civil unions are SO NOT equivalent to marriage and that was exactly my point. My gay husband and I thank you for your support … đŸ™‚

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