on pressure … !

I am not Michael Jordan!  I know that I am not Michael Jordan because I am not a black man, I can't play basketball to save my life, I earn in one year what he probably makes in ten percent of his lunch hour, and I CAN'T TAKE PRESSURE!!!  At the end of the game, I want Michael to take the shot … Don't pass the friggin' ball to me because I can't take the pressure!!!  When the pressure is on I CRACK!!!

The latest evidence of my inability to take the pressure came about on Friday.  We had about fifty-five kiddos try out for our debate team of which we were able to place twenty-eight on the team.  The team list got emailed out to kiddos on Friday morning so kids excitedly came in to check their email in the computer lab.  One of the kids who didn't make the team came over and asked what she could have done to improve her tryout then started to cry. 

OMFG!!!  I totally became Mr. Deer in the Headlights guy!!!  Long story short, in my panicked effort to soothe the child, I coughed up more information about our decision making process than was wise which the child then took the wrong way.  Child is now pissed off and now it might come back to bite me in the butt when I go back to school on Tuesday (no school today). 

For future reference, when attempting to soothe a crying seventh or eighth grade child, be vague and give no details … EVER!!! 

Please take a moment to send me good thoughts and prayers in the hope that the weekend will have been kind to me and the young lady and her mommy and daddy will let the moment pass and we can all move on to other exciting activities in school.  I'm rarely so friggin' lucky in such things, but I must maintain hope …  

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