on fairy tales and real life …

I love the new show Glee!!! Great music, fun dancing, what more could we want? 

The thing is, though, that mixed in amongst all the fun in Wednesday night's episode where the gay kid doesn't get beat up, but gets to be the hero for a day, was one of the most quiet and wonderful coming out scenes that I've ever seen in a movie or TV show.  As broad as Glee can sometimes be, the scene where Kurt comes out to his father was one of the nicest and in some ways most realistic coming out scenes between a son and dad that I can recall. The actor who plays the dad was great (but I hated his horrible previous show, Yes, Dear).  For my money the sweetest line is Kurt's fathers tells him, "Thanks for telling me Kurt …"  I really hope that I'm not wrong, but I think that this TV dad is a lot more common in the real world than the ones that kick their kids out of the house.  It was just … Sweet … In the best possible way.

On a different note, do you think it means something bad if my favorite character on the show is the crazy cheerleading coach?


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3 thoughts on “on fairy tales and real life …

  1. I'm not religiously watching Glee but it is a good show. The whole football team dancing just cracked me right up. More so because WHY would you dance to 'put a ring on it' there are so many other songs they could have picked lol. In a way the comedy on it is cheesy but it's a good laugh 🙂

  2. Although I really liked the pilot last spring and have meant to watch it, I've missed it both (three?) times so far in regular season. I'm glad to see they're fleshing out the characters, at least some of them, a little more. I watched the clip you posted and you're right — that was really well done. I'm with you, I hope more parents than we realize respond that way. I really need to make more of an effort to watch it either on the air (er, cable) or on Hulu.(Also, thank you for pointing out the "Yes Dear" connection! There's been enough time since that show that it would have driven me nuts — "Where do I know that guy from?")

  3. Jane Lynch is my favorite too. I love her segment on the local news channel! LOL!. I also like her because she's in all those Christopher Guest movies.
    You are right about the coming out scene. It wasn't all built up like it used to be too. It seems that with a lot of my friends, who came out they were not kicked out. I'm not saying that that's never happened but most of the time, it seemed like their loved ones already knew. Oh did you read this article in the NYT http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/27/magazine/27out-t.html coming out in middle school.

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