on happy birthdays … !!!


I turned 22.5 X 2 this week and it was great! 

My wonderful co-workers celebrated my turning 22.5 X 2 with a birthday apple pie!!!  Not that I could ever have issues with birthday cake, but I am quite a pie fanatic so they honored me with a birthday pie.  One of the other liberrians actually made a homemade double-crust apple pie (pink lady apples) that was absolutely scrumptious!  The fact that the pie came acompanied by vanilla Hagen Daz made for quite a wonderously head spinning afternoon snack.  Unfortunately, in my excitement to dig in, I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful thing before I cut into and scarfed my huge piece so unfortunately there's no picture of the beautiful pie.  My co-workers are amazing! 

S/O and I decided to postpone celebrating my 22.5 X 2 until Friday so that we could enjoy the night without the next workday looming.  S/O wanted me to pick a restaurant, but because it was a celebration my normal budget dining standbys Norms, Dinah's, and Fatburger were off limits so tonight we went to dinner at C&O Trattoria in Marina Del Rey.  It isn't an expensive restaurant by any stretch, but it's comfortable and fun and that's what celebration places should be so it fit the bill for me.  I had pappardelle (a kind of long, broad pasta) with mushrooms, chicken apple sausage, and pink sauce.  S/O had lasagna with sausage.  The food was delicious!  I think it might have seemed extra delicious because we haven't been eating much starchy carbs with our dinners and it was nice to indulge in some great pasta and an endless supply of killer garlic rolls without a guilty thought in the world. 

After dinner we drove over to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and went for broke with two red velvet cupcakes from Yummy Cupcakes.  Absolutely wonderful cupcakes, though IMHO, not quite up to the standard set by Crumbs which I think has the best cupcakes in Los Angeles (by the way I'm not really a fan of Sprinkles and I can't figure out why people stand in line by the dozens when Crumbs is, like, 50 yards down the street). 

I don't really get some people's obsession with staying young and hiding their age and getting plastic surgery and all that crazy stuff.  In general, I'd say that I like getting older, though when I punched my age into the cardio machine at the gym the number did look pretty big.  The thing is that I'm so much happier as someone 22.5 X 2 than I was as someone 22.5 X 1 that getting older isn't a bad thing at all (and it isn't even that I was an unhappy 22.5 X 1 year old person … I'm just really, really happy now …). 

I forgot my phone so I took my pictures with S/O's phone and the camera in S/O's phone is … well you can see for yourselves … Just believe me … The food was pretty and restaurant was chaming!!!

It was quite a nice birthday week, indeed!!!


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