on rememberance …

I have suspected so for most of my adult life, but at this point I've decided that it is fact that Democrats are crappy politicians.  Dear people in the majority in both houses of Congress … WTH???  WTH???  WTH???

Why do you spend your days wasting your time with the likes of that butt head Joe Wilson??? Yes, I think he's an ass and a jerk and I don't know anything about him or his friggin' district at all, but I'm guessing he'll find a way to make his defiance play well in N.C. so stop wasting your time with him and get to work!!! 

What kind of work you ask???  Well, on the national stage why isn't even one person out there doing the work that needs to be done reminding the people of this great land of ours about:

  • the BIG SPENDING REPUBLICAN Party/Administration that voted to take us to war in search of weapons of mass destruction (not this spread democracy revisionist history crap) which was highly questionable AT BEST. (While you are at it you should also remind everybody that Mr. Armey voted for the trillion dollar war, yet he, now wants to be Mr. Fiscal responsibility … Call this dick out on that!!!)
  • the failure of regulators under a REPUBLICAN administration's oversight to do their jobs (and let's remember that many agencies had their regulatory arms starved of personnel or funding or were hobbled by executive orders or were headed by former industry advocates and lobbyists so it is not necessarily about the hard working professional folk doing the grunt work that necessarily caused the regulatory failures …)

Come on Democrats, get your thumbs out of your butts and GET IN THE FRIGGIN' GAME!!!

And all of you everyday Democrats out there … When you're at a cocktail party and some conservative blowhard is talking about "death committees" and birth certificates or some other Glenn Beck crap.  CALL 'EM ON THE IDIOCY!!!

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