on dinner choices …

I've been trying to eat "cleaner" food (so very "California," huh?) and I was on my own for dinner tonight so I thought that I'd treat myself to dinner out as I am one of those odd people who actually enjoys going out to eat by myself.  In keeping with the "clean food" theme, I thought that I'd grab a nice salad at either California Crisp in the Beverly Center since there is a truly AWESOME rooftop dining area that almost nobody in LA knows about or Souplantation simply because my niece put the Souplantation idea in my head when she was here for a visit last weekend. 

Where did I end up?  FATBURGER, baby!!!  Sooooo not "clean" food!!!  The thing is, though, that as great my "Big Fat Meal Deal" tasted going down, it isn't really making me feel so good right now.  It's amazing that after you've been eating clean food for even a fairly short period of time, your body just doesn't remember what to do with copious amounts of fat and other crap. 

Anyway … It was worth it!!!  Hmmmm … I'm wondering if downing some fresh blueberries with some premium vanilla ice cream will help settle my stomach.  I think it's worth a shot, huh??? 

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2 thoughts on “on dinner choices …

  1. ginger will help! Do you have a juicer? I'm obsessed. I'll stop. But seriously ginger helps settle the tummy. Carrot & ginger juice! I've been doing that because like you, i give into the craving for hamburger 🙂

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