on more of the crazy chinese story … !!!

The LA Times ran a piece on the crazy Chinese adoption story. The whole story made me want to cry because it is so much about love. The final three paragraphs, however, really actually made me cry because it is so wonderful to see the truly deep and selfless love that they feel for this boy. Sometimes to love selflessly means to let go rather than to hold on …

I really don't know anything about this young man, but he seems to have an American mother who loves him deeply enough to risk sharing her son with people on the other side of the planet and birth parents who love him enough not to make him choose the life he knows over the life we might have had.

With so much pain and suffering in the news and in the world, reading about love is a truly beautiful thing and a blessing …

clipped from www.latimes.com

Adopted teen finds answers, mystery in China

Christian Norris of Easton, Md., remembers little of his pre-U.S. life. A reunion at a Beijing hotel helps fill in some of the gaps.

Christian Norris

Jin Gaoke hugs his son, Christian Norris, who was adopted by an American family eight years ago. The reunion took place Saturday in a Beijing hotel room. (Wang Xuhua / August 30, 2009)

His birth parents say they are thrilled to see him, but do not expect him to move back.
"Jiacheng's roots are in China, but his future is in the United States," his father said. "It is clear that he has been well cared for and has a bright future in America."
His birth mother, Shao Julian, added quietly, "We hope to stay in touch with him, but we wouldn't try to force him to come back to China — we wouldn't want to hurt him twice."
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