on being home …

Home is a very subjective thing. Where is home?  Is it the place where you live and work everyday?  Is it the place where your grew up?  Is it the place to which you want to retire? Is it the wherever you are at the time? 

When  I'm here in La La Land working everyday, I can't wait for a school vacation to come so that I can go "home" to Honolulu where I grew up and spent my first 35 years.  During the summer, S/O and I were in Honolulu where we have a furnished condo where we stayed for seven weeks, but at the end I felt like I was going "home" to La La Land when we packed up and left.  We also have a condo that we partially rent out and share in Brooklyn where S/O grew up so we spend some pretty significant time in New York as well, but while S/O hasn't lived and worked in New York for two and a half decades, I can tell that New York has a very strong emotional ties to owning space in a place that is "home."

As much as I have LOVED all my traveling and as much as I am not looking forward to going back to school to teach (even though I love my job), I have to say that it sure is nice to be back in my "home." 

  • I love sleeping in my own bed.  I spend so much time sleeping and watching TV in bed that there is a ditch on one side of the bed, but it is my ditch and I like it. 
  • I love showering in my own shower–after ten years you get used to the shower head being at just a certain height and angle and other showers (while objectively probably much more luxurious) just aren't quite right. 
  • I love crapping in my own toilet (there's something weird about my body and after a long time away from home it wants to poop a big one as soon as it sees the porcelain throne). 
  • I love my full sized stacking washer and dryer.  The unit is old, but I can wash and dry big ass loads of laundry without getting quarters and write blog entries at the same time. 
  • I love my dishwasher.  It is old and noisy as hell, but it washes my dishes so I don't have to.
  • I love driving my own car (well … truck).  It is an old beater of a 1994 Ford Ranger, but I can go anywhere I want with it.  As much as I love the NYC subways and wish that La La Land and Honolulu had better mass transit options, it is nice to have a car to go to Costco and buy huge boxes of Kleenex and groceries and not have to haul them on buses and trains.
  • I love my DVR … 'nough said …

That's what I love about my home here in La La Land.  It's not luxe, but it really has become "home."  

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