on gloria swanson time …

As Gloria Swanson once (at least I think it was her) famously said, "I want to be alone!" And, WOW!!!, I really needed to be alone. The other day, S/O was being nice to me (as S/O truly always is) and it was just making me irritated and annoyed. Here's the thing …

I'm an introvert, which, in today's world is an orientation that isn't well understood.  In fairness, this is probably because as introverts we don't like to share a whole lot about our inner selves (in person at least … writing in a blog is a whole other thing … (though what I write for "hidden–just you" is really different than what I write for "anyone.").  A few years ago I came across this short little piece in The Atlantic called, "Caring for Your Introvert."  It is amazing, but that little article which I suspect was intended to be nothing more than a bit entertaining and humorous changed the way that I looked at myself.  People generally associate introverts as being very shy, timid folk, but on the surface while most who meet me might think I'm on the quieter side I'd hope that none would think me to be pathologically timid, shy, or quiet.  Really … I'm really not that all shy or that all timid …

Anyway, the other day when S/O was making me nuts, I realized that because of all of our traveling we had not been apart for more than a few minutes for almost three weeks and I very much was feeling like Gloria Swanson … "I want to be ALONE!!!" So yesterday, S/O went out to Long Island to spend time with friends and I had alone time with the millions of other New Yorkers who live in the Boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.  I did nothing but wander around and go where I wanted to go and do what I wanted to do. It was WONDERFUL!!!  I love experiencing life with S/O, but I also NEED to experience some of my life on my own.  Being alone (even amongst a sea of a million strangers) lets me relax and recharge … I don't know why it works like that for me, but that's the way it works.

Flatiron BuildingKnish Place

So yesterday I went back to look at Uniqlo (didn't buy anything, but I just had to look). Went to my favorite store in Chinatown call Pearl River Traders (didn't buy anything, but I just had to look).  Went to find my all time most delicious slice of New York pizza on the lower East side (the hole in the wall pizza place was gone).  Had falafel in a pita and a coke for $5.00 at a place called Chickpea.  Ate my first knish (apple and cheese) which was good, but which was so rich that I could only eat half and tossed the other half … keep in mind that I NEVER throw food away … stumbled upon an Indian (Southeast, not Native) festival near the Flatiron building.  Almost bought a really awesome leather messenger bag from a street vendor whose wife was actually piecing them together next to their table on Broome Street (didn't buy it because it was $149, but I should have because it was hand made and one of a kind and now I'll never find them again and they'll probably open a very chic hipster shop in Soho and charge $1500 for their bags and I'll never be able to afford one …).  Saw a kid who looked like he was in about seventh or eighth grade jump off of a subway platform, run across four sets of tracks (over a b-million volts of electricity, then was too weak to hoist himself up onto the platform on the other side so had to be helped by a muscular guy on the other side who said to the kid, "Why you being such a fool? Don't be, being no dumbass!!!"  Saw a guy punch another guy in the West Village.  Had a Magnolia Bakery cupcake.  Had a small cup of Lite Choice which is a kinda/sorta ice cream treat thing that tasted really good for 85 calories–half pina colada, half passion fruit.  Met up with S/O who came back on the Long Island Railroad and had a $4.99 burger, fires, and drink special at Papaya King.  It was quite a nice Gloria Swanson day, indeed!!!

Waffle Truck 1IMG_9078Washington Square Park

Other random things I've seen and done …

Prospect Park in Brooklyn 1Prospect Park in Brooklyn 2Prospect Park in Brooklyn 3This is Brooklyn

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